Get Your Plate!

There are 2 ways to apply for your plate: online or via postal mail.

The easiest way to get your plate is by postal mail:

Get the APPLICATION here:

Follow the directions in the image below- You can right click the image to save it if you like.

Use the PayPal button below to pay for a plate if you wish to use a credit card. Please do not fill out the credit card information section of the application. You don't need a PayPal account to use this link.

Select Type of Plate:

How to apply for a plate online: 
(If you've already sent in your application and check, no need to re-submit them. If you want to email me a new application with updated information, you can do so, and I'll get rid of your old one.)
  • Click HERE for the DMV License Plate Application. You will need your vehicle registration handy to complete the form. (If you would like us to email you a form, request one by emailing

  • Complete the form with your vehicle information. See below for instructions on signing the form. When you are finished with the form, Save it on your computer.
    (You can also print it fill it out, scan it in, and email that to me.)

  • Email the saved PDF to as an attachment.
    (Please don't use the "Submit Form" button- it's glitchy and usually won't send.)

  • Pay: You don't need a PayPal account to pay online- you can use your credit card just like with any other online purchase. Please don't write your credit card information on the form- I can't process payments that way, plus I feel everyone is safer without that information being out there, even though the applications are kept in a file cabinet in my private home office.

    Select Type of Plate:

I will email you to confirm when your application and payment are received!

Hints for filling out the electronic form:
You may want to save it with a descriptive name such as "YourLastName_VehicleType.pdf" if you have more than one vehicle.

To sign the form: Click the "Sign" icon at the top of the PDF screen (it has a pen next to it).
  *   If you already have a digital signature and would like to use it, click "Sign Document" or "Place Signature." Follow the instructions provided by Adobe.
  *   If you don't have a digital signature, select "Apply Ink Signature." Use the crosshair cursor to sign your name on the Signature line. I have found that this function isn't the most perfect, but it will work for our purposes. If you aren't happy with your signature, you can hover your cursor over the signature until it turns into an arrow, click the signature to select it, press "delete," and sign again.
If you would like to fill out the date, you can, or I'll just fill in the date when your application arrives in my inbox.
To turn off the signature crosshairs, click the right button on your mouse and select the arrow icon for the Select Tool.

If this isn't working for you and you are able to scan the form, you can print it, sign it, and scan it. Then email the scan to me.