Thursday, March 6, 2014

SB259 marked "Approved!"

On Monday of this week, in the middle of Winter Storm Titan, SB259 had its 3rd reading in the Virginia House of Delegates and was passed in a block vote!

Pretty cool that we're the only new license plate to pass this year, eh?
(Apologies for the lack of quality in the video- I took it with my cell phone and not sure why it cut off so much of the left side of the screen. But you get the idea. And I like puns.)

My husband was home (his office closed due to the storm) and happened to walk in just before the reading of the bill, and got to see it pass with me. Then he went downstairs and returned with two glasses of wine so we could celebrate. I was still in the middle of work..... but I don't think the wine hindered my performance ;) 

And... Yes... I've been streaming the daily General Assembly sessions- mostly the Senate- live during the day while I do my work for the past 2 months. I am going to miss the General Assembly when their session ends on Saturday!

This morning when I checked the page that I stalk on a regular basis for updates on SB259 (, I saw that a couple of new things had happened. 


(It now says "Approved"!!) :)

So now it just needs to be signed by the Speaker of the House, and Lt. Governor Northam (whom I absolutely adore after watching all of these Senate sessions), and then it will go over to Governor McAuliffe's desk for the final signature!  

I'll keep ya posted as that happens. Hopefully it will get all of the signatures it needs within the next  couple of days.

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