Friday, January 31, 2014

SB259 Passed the Senate!

Oh yes we did!

Once again, not being on the uncontested calendar, our bill had to be read and then Senator Deeds had to defend it.
(Sorry, Senator Deeds. Thanks for doing this.)

If you watch the video, please ignore the apparent snicker or sigh that happens around 8 seconds in.
...I'll bet I have a 33.3% chance of guessing who that was!

Anyway. The awesome news is..... We passed the Senate.
Now we go "down the hall" (as they say) to the House.

The House seemed like it had 483928734 different license plate bills coming up this year; I'm not sure how many made it through, but I hope they will be nice to us.

Gotta go work on my Richmond Environmental Film Festival presentation now but will be updating as I see more updates from the General Assembly.

Take care,

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