Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Slight changes to the design...

Yesterday I heard from the super sweet lady who works for the DMV and is in charge of the new plates process. She told me there has been quite a "buzz" about these new pollinator plates (woohoo!) and that there were a few items/concerns about the design, which we discussed. Some things had to be changed, so here's the latest:
One of the things that had to be changed was the word "Virginia" became a standard blue, as did the numbers on the plate. Sounds like within the last year or two, a law was passed standardizing that on *all* the plates now.
I also deleted the decal sticker illustrations and left only the template "month" and "year" boxes.
The mountains in the background have been lightened up, to make the plate number stand out more.
The hummingbird was moved over a bit, in case that first "0" becomes something like a "W" and could end up too close to the bird.
I think that was about it.
It took some getting used to, but I'm really liking the blue now. I still hope everyone thinks they're BEEutiful and will be excited to get theirs- I know I am!

Cheers for now and I'll keep ya posted!


  1. i wish you did this for PA. we only have 3456 different plate designs. must not be too hard to get one passed.

    1. I haven't looked into how you get a plate passed in PA. I did look for California a few years ago (since that's where the Pollinator Partnership is located), and it sounded like you had to just do a petition. I sort of wished that is how VA is, because I had many people who liked the idea, but wouldn't commit to actually getting one. However, I "only" (haha) had to collect 450 applications, whereas in CA, the petition required 7500 signatures!!