Thursday, September 13, 2012

Plant More Plants!

THANKS to the Washington Gardener Blog for sharing this earlier this week! That's how I heard about it, so now, I'm passing it along, too.

Plant More Plants is an initiative that encourages people to... well, do just that. Their main concern is water runoff which carries pollution through waterways and into the bay- but they emphasize there are MANY great reasons to plant more plants!

Here are some reasons to plant more plants- whether that means in already-bare areas of your yard, or taking out lawn and replacing it with more planty areas:

- The pollinators will love you! (What other reason did you think I would mention first and foremost?) :) If you plant native plants that provide nectar for the pollinators, you're providing them with food supply.

- Stormwater runoff causes pollutants to contaminate streams and rivers and it all makes its way into the Chesapeake Bay. Plants help prevent stormwater runoff!

- Plants also help prevent erosion!

- If you plant native plants, they'll need less maintenance and water (and overall care) than other non-native plants. So you'll save water and save time (and money) in having to keep up with them.

- If you have less lawn to mow, it will take you less time to mow it. Ok, that one is kind of a "duh!" but think about how you could gradually reduce your lawn over time- my neighbor plans to completely eradicate his front lawn gradually over the next couple of years by adding more plants.

Check out this video to learn more!

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