Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Demo Plate!!

It's a bird! It's a bug! It's..... a license plate!

Not one that I can actually put onto my car and drive around with though. It's one that sent me that I can use when I'm out promoting the plates! You can go on their website and customize a license plate (or personalize from their ready-to-go templates) and make any kind of plate that you want! They're a wonderful company who wanted to work with me on sharing some product samples and liked the idea of the Pollinator Plates, so they sent me some promotional items for a good cause. :)

Spring is coming and I hope to find lots of events to attend to and get people to sign up for a plate. Because, Uggghhhhh! The requirement for 450 instead of 350 applications & fees looks like it's all but a done deal (like this process isn't already difficult enough!!). I've got a banner to grab attention, stickers to hand out for funsies, and now this aluminum license plate that people can see and feel. I love it! I want to put it on my car sooooo bad, but I know I can't. But maybe I will tomorrow, while it's nice out, just real quick, to take a picture of it.

Anyway if you're reading this and living in VA and have an idea of an event I should attend please let me know! Send me an email or you can comment on this post and I'll see it. Also if it turns out I can't make an event and you'd like to be a Pollinator-Plate-Ambassador to promote it and collect apps and fees, I'll be happy to fill you in on what you'd have to do. Again just contact me :)

Thanks and hope to come bearing some good news relatively soon.

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